10 essential items you need in your bedroom

Posted March 15, 2016 by Gabriel Posternak

The bedroom should be your sacred retreat, your most intimate space where you should feel the most comfortable. To achieve that, you need to work in the bedroom's atmosphere, decor and layout. All details count towards that goal, so it's easy to get lost and miss something. To help with that, we've compiled a list of 10 essential items you must have in your bedroom.

1 - Put some throw pillows over the bed



Enough to make the bed inviting but don’t overdo it. You can also order custom designs to match your decor or go with cartoon characters for kids bedrooms.

2 - Hang some artwork



Avoid family photos and pics that can be too emotionally moving and prefer calming neutral artwork like nature, landscapes or abstract artwork for your walls.

3 - Get nightstands



Choose nightstands and dressers with enough storage space to keep stuff out of sight and more tidy. You can pair them with the headboard or mismatch them to make a statement. 4 - Have enough light



Combine natural lighting with fixtures and lamps. Install dimmers to create the right ambiance and pay attention to avoid the common mistakes in bedroom lighting.

5 - Add a place to sit (no, not the bed)




Save some space to add at least a small chair or ottoman to sit or to throw temporary stuff -like bag or coat- over and keep the bed clean and neat. Avoid sitting on the bed because doing so damages the borders of the mattress and unnecessary dirts the linen. 6 - Take care of the windows



Add a window treatment like blinders, screens or drapes to control natural lighting and favor the sleeping time -specially in summer with its early sunrises-.

7 - Choose the right bed




Find the right mattress for you bed habits and take good care of your investment following the manufacturer’s instructions. Remember that a cheap mattress can feel fine in the store but will get ruined in very little time. 8 - Put a cozy rug on the floor



Even over radiant floor or wall-to-wall carpet a nice rug to step on while dressing up is a must. An area rug or a runner on the bedside or in front of the closet will help you keep your feet cleaner and you can have a warmer version -like wool- in Winter and a cooler version -like jute- for Summer.

9 - Install extra power outlets


4Complete-960x5001Install extra power outlets for TV, audio systems or chargers. To avoid energy wasting you can add switches to sockets and buy furniture with built-in power strips that can be turned off while not in use.

10 - Put a lot of mirrors


A small mirror to check the jewelry is a nice companion of a full length mirror to dress up. There is never too many mirrors in a bedroom because you can have some of them hidden on closet doors.

Have you already complete this list of essentials or there is something missing in your bedroom? Is there any other basic item that we are missing? Tell us in the comments!

Posted March 15, 2016
by Gabriel Posternak.


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