10 hot trends in patio decor that you should follow this season

Posted May 10, 2016 by Gabriel Posternak

You are lucky to have some outdoor space in your home but it looks outdated and boring? The warmer days are the perfect excuse to make your patio a great space to enjoy. If you are planning a patio improvement, take a look at these hot trends in outdoor decor for this season.


Swings and daybeds

There is nothing more relaxing than a short siesta after a hard day’s work. Big swing benches, and fixed or hanging daybeds are a must-have for a trendy patio. For patios without cover, just choose weather-resistant fabrics for cushions and upholstery.


Multifunctional porch

Forget about the porch only useful to welcoming visits and transform it in a multi-purpose space. If the area is big enough, put some chairs and a table for a relaxed mixer; set an arts atelier to draw or paint in the sunlight; make a playroom for the kids. The options are endless!

Pergola and vines

The Mediterranean is always trendy and this season comes strongly with the help of pergolas and vines. If your patio is not big enough to be roofed, just put a pergola with some flower vines that will shade the sun without a suffocating feeling.

Expand your room

We already talk about the indoor-outdoor integration, so put some French doors in bedroom and living room to let the nature take part of the indoor decoration -while making the spaces look bigger and brighter-. Go on with the flooring to the outside and match the colors of the fabrics and decor, and just add heavy shades or a screen for the moments you want more privacy or darkness.

Add a deck

If your house is set in an irregular terrain, decks are the perfect solution. You can build them in stages -where the floor of the upper is the roof of the one below-, or just adjusted to level the outdoor terrain to the inside. There are lots of finishing options nowadays, so ask your contractor which one suits best your house’s architecture.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFireplaces and luxury

In places like California, where patios are used all year long, adding a fireplace and some luxury in decor can be a blast for the whole house. A great entertainment space will ask for a huge hearth or masonry heater to warm the air, some comfortable sofas and extra lighting. Remember to choose a hearth or firepit that fuels on renewable energy, like wood or biomass, to avoid increasing the carbon footprint of your home.


Enclose your patio

Another option to enjoy your patio all year long is enclosed it to make it easier to heat or cool the space. It is also a great solution in highly windy areas, like mountains. This is also an option to enjoy the sunlight for toddlers or small kids, that might not be that safe playing in the open.


Welcome the pets

Lots of home pets love the outdoors, even when they can enjoy some time inside. What about make them a place of their own? Build a doghouse or some stairs for the cats to climb and adapt doors and windows so they can come and go at will. Anyway, make sure that they cannot get out of the premises or get lost, and that those improvements are used by pets and not invaded with plagues. To welcome some wildlife, install bird feeders and bird baths for the flying visitors.


Repurpose and recycle furniture

Pallet furniture is going around for some time now, but now that trend evolved to all pieces of thrifty decor. Repurpose old furniture and decor with sanding and a coat of paint to use them outdoors. Update the upholstery with some vibrant colors and they are ready to go!


sweden-85148_1280Paths, gravel and stone

Drought doesn’t mean having a boring garden. Reduce the grass are that need irrigation with paths, gravel and stone. Use planters and high resistant plants to fill the gaps and voliá! You can have your own paradise with low water requirements.


I am sure that you will choose some of those trends for your patio because they are great! After you had done your patio remodel -and upload the finished job to all the social networks and Pinterest to brag- come back here and leave me a pic in the comments, too. I am waiting!

Posted May 10, 2016
by Gabriel Posternak.


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