12 easy tasks to get your home ready for autumn

Posted August 26, 2015 by Gabriel Posternak

Though many of us would prefer for summer to last forever, the calendar is relentless – autumn is fast approaching us with its falling leaves and its cooler temperatures. This can mean a lot of things, but for us here at Treeium it can only mean one thing – it’s time to get our homes ready for autumn! Given how drastically the weather can change, it’s better to start preparing now that we have time, don’t you think? Here are 12 things (yeah, 12!) you should definitely check before fall comes this way.

Inside your home

1 – Have your home inspected: you might not notice them but your home may be full of leaks and drafts. Checking the windows and doors for them is a must for this time of year, as you surely feel the drafts once the temperature drops. You can look for the draft yourself – or get your home inspected by a professional that will certainly know how to deal with them.

2 – Replace filters: your HVAC and humidifier surely went through a lot during summer. That’s why autumn is the best time to change their filters and get them clean. An HVAC expert can help you there, as he also can look for possible carbon monoxide leaks.

3 – Get a programmable thermostat: we’ve said this before, didn’t we? Nevertheless, it’s something worth remembering, because it’ll change your life. If you already have one, then now it’s the perfect time to check its settings and adjust anything that might be off. Remember that a perfectly programmed thermostat can get you a more efficient home and cut your energy bills substantially.

4 – Winterize whatever is needed: it might sound like too soon to start winterizing things but getting it done in autumn is best, especially since you may forget all about it later on. What should you check? Most importantly, the AC’s outdoor unit, which might be the cause for drafts and air leaks.

Outside your home

5 – Inspect the roof and clean the gutters: get up on your roof and take a closer and thorough look. What should you be looking for? Damaged shingles or tiles, cracks, leaves and debris. Fix what needs to be fixed and clean your roof in its entirety. Don’t forget to clean the gutters while you’re up there! And while you’re at it, see if there are any leaks in them that might need reparing.

6 – Take a look at your sidings: autumn and winter storms await for you, so your home better be prepared for them. That mean that your sidings have to be in top shape, without any cracks or holes. Found some? Repair them ASAP or hire a pro to help you with that.


7 – Check the trees and trim, trim, trim: trees grow and grow during summer as so do bushes, shrubs and other plants. Check them all, especially trees, since they can be getting too close to power lines or your roof and could damage any of them.

8 – Store your seasonal furniture: autumn means cooler weather which also means that won’t be spending that much time outside. So, instead of leaving your seasonal furniture out there, you’d better store it in some place where cold weather can’t damage it.

9 – Think about your pool: sadly, with the arrival of colder days, the pool will have to stay closed. Depending on where you live, you’ll have two choices – either you close it entirely until next summer or you prepare it for maintenance.

Extra tasks

10 – Take a look to your summer equipment: although you’ll have to use them in some point or another during the next months, your lawnmower and trimmer could certainly use some maintenance. And when’s better than now, when you’re entering the seasons when you’ll use them the least? Sharpen the blades and change the oil so you have them ready when spring comes along.

11 – Get ready for power outages: autumn and winter can bring power outages in certain areas, so it’s better to start preparing now. Many people have emergency generators for these situations so, if you’re one of them, you’d better check they are working properly to avoid any surprises.

12 – Clean and clean again: thorough cleaning of your entire home is something you can do any time so, why now? Because you’ll be able to have your home totally open and organize it without having to worry about cold weather.

There you go – a nice list you can use as a check list to prepare your home for autumn. Have any other tasks you can think of? Share them with us!

Posted August 26, 2015
by Gabriel Posternak.


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