3 home projects you should be tackling this fall

Posted September 06, 2016 by Gabriel Posternak

We know what you’re thinking – ‘Whoa, hold it right there, projects for fall? Summer isn’t over yet!’ We hear you but consider this: if you are to improve any room in your home this autumn, you should be planning it right now. And even if you haven’t entertained the whole remodeling idea, you could start doing it today.

Why? Because everyone chooses spring and summer to get their remodels going, which means contractors have full schedules during those warm months. On the other hand, those schedules are pretty clear come fall and winter, so chances are you could land the remodeling professional you want in the time that’s most appropriate to you. Sounds good? Then let’s review the 3 projects you could be tackling next month!

Window replacement

Sounds crazy? It isn’t. Though autumn starts to bring in the cold, the timing is still good for replacing your windows for new ones. That’s especially true if you notice drafts coming in through your current windows – or if you want to give your rooms a new look without spending that much.

New windows could also mean a drop in your heating bills, especially with the new alternatives on the market. Experience has showed us that replacing old windows with energy efficient models can lower your household energy costs up to 15%. Things doesn’t end there. New windows can help you with your lighting and creating a whole new atmosphere for any room you need.

Don’t have enough money to consider this option? No worries! You can also reglaze or retrofit your old windows and enjoy some of these benefits at a fraction of the cost. Just talk to your window contractor about it!

Room painting

There isn’t a specific season for interior home projects but, hey, why not do it on the winter, when your painting contractor has enough time and you don’t have that much to do? Our suggestion – paint your interiors with bright colors that match your style and bring some light into those cold, cold days. Of course, we can’t tell you which colors to choose, but remember to pick something that goes beyond the trendy palettes.

You can feel that you can paint your home yourself and maybe you should, as long as you are comfortable and have a flair for that kind of thing. If you don’t, perhaps it’s best to leave it to the professionals – in the long run, it will cost you less and will take less time to be completed.

Yard fertilizing

Freezing days await us, my friend, and we should prepared ourselves and our homes for that. And by that we don’t just mean what we said earlier this week – we also mean to take care of your landscape. Adding fertilizer to trees, grass and shrubs during the autumn, you’ll guarantee your plants will be strong enough to survive the winter.

Things don’t just end there. You should also take out your rake and clear the leaves of your garden beds after the first frost, since that will prevent your weeds from suffocating and let the grass underneath get some necessary sun.

Have some other plans for this fall in mind? Let us know in the comments!

Posted September 06, 2016
by Gabriel Posternak.


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