5 eco-friendly technologies that will increase your home's value

Posted June 21, 2015 by Gabriel Posternak

Thousands of families from across the US have already discovered that turning their houses into energy-efficient homes can make a huge difference in their daily lives. More comfort, lower utilities bills and the satisfaction of knowing you’re contributing to take care of the environment are among the main benefits of eco-friendly improvements.

But that’s not all. When marketed correctly, an energy-efficient home is certainly more valuable than others that haven’t considered the issue. Investing in green technologies, then, can be a sound move not just for everyday life but for a potential house sale later on. Of course, not all green changes impact the home’s value in the same way. Discerning which ones will drive your home’s value up can be tough but we can help. Take a look at these 5 green techs that won’t just make your life easier – they’ll return each penny invested in a potential sale.

1 – Programmable thermostat

Heating and cooling can be among the highest expenses in any home, especially during summer and winter. Unfortunately, we’ve grown accustomed to that fact and many of us are resigned to pay the price. But that doesn’t have to be the case! Today, a simple programmable thermostat can change that in a blink of an eye. Such devices adjust the energy consumption according to a schedule and the user’s frequent settings. Thus, this kind of thermostat lowers your consumption when you’re away or sleep – without sacrificing your comfort.

A programmable thermostat can save at least $150 per year and it’s a saving you start seeing right after the device is installed. Thus, anyone interested in buying a home with a programmable thermostat in it will have the added bonus of an energy-efficient heating and cooling system that actually saves them money right away.

2 – Water-filtration system

Water is other major homeowner’s concern, especially the water for drinking. We all know that tap water sometimes isn’t the best option but the alternative (bottled water) isn’t green in the slightest. The solution? A water-filtration system to purify the water that comes into your home. This system is great and lets you and your family enjoy water straight from the tap.

But a cheaper and healthier drinkable water isn’t the only thing you’ll get with a water-filtration system. With this water, you’ll cook healthier dishes, will have cleaner cookware and even a cleaner car. Besides, all water-using appliances will last longer thanks to purified water. When you outline all of these benefits, the sale value of a home with a water-filtration system becomes pretty clear.

3 – Tankless water heaters

Traditional water heaters keep your water hot at all times, whether you use it or not. That’s about 50 gallons that are laying there, waiting to be used while being heated over and over again. Think all the energy you need to keep it hot! That’s why tankless water heaters are such a smart choice – they only heat the water when you use it.

The added value here is that you’ll save hundreds and your water efficiency will be improved by a mile. Besides, installing a tankless water heater isn’t that much expensive and provides with a clean and cost-effective solution that your potential homebuyer will surely appreciate.

4 – Solar panels

Solar panels aren’t exactly cheap but their benefits are so huge and awesome that’s hard to ignore them. Depending on how many solar panels do you install, your home can have a backup for blackouts, a helping hand on your daily consumption or even free yourself from the energy grid altogether.


Of course, you’ll have to make an important investment at first but few home improvements can beat solar panels when it comes to increasing a house value. A potential buyer is likely familiar with solar panels and their advantages, so a home with them already installed is a major attraction that will surely help you sell your home more quickly – and getting your investment back while you’re at it.

5 – Energy efficient openings

Finally, you should consider replacing your old windows and doors with energy efficient openings. This might not be as obvious to future homebuyers but if you take the time to market them well, they can certainly make a difference. Think about it – new openings don’t just mean a more modern look for your home: they can also increase your home’s security while improving your energy efficiency.

Newer windows and doors always drive the value of a house up a little. But if you make a solid investment in them, you can get some of the best alternatives in the market and offer a more advanced set of openings that are valued more easily. Even if you don’t end up selling your home, the newest doors and windows are perfect for any home.

Real estate might be still struggling to understand how to market green homes but that shouldn’t prevent you from investing in them. Eco-friendly improvements are deal changers that can increase the value of any home and help any family live a more comfortable life. Think about them for your next home improvement!

Posted June 21, 2015
by Gabriel Posternak.


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