5 small improvements to boost your home's value

Posted February 15, 2016 by Gabriel Posternak

Facing a remodel or an upgrade doesn’t mean only comfort but an increase in your house's resale value as well. This is very evident in major home improvements such as a new bathroom or roof. But minor remodels can also boost your home's value, sometimes providing you with a bigger profit than what you initially invested. Is that possible? Of course! Here are 5 small improvements to boost your home’s value with a moderate investment and little hassle in your everyday activities.

Change sidings

A great look with low maintenance is always a desired treat for most homeowners. Vinyl or fiber cement sidings are a cheap and durable solutions for siding replacements, and you can add insulation in the process.

With these new sidings you won’t have to worry about termites, moisture, rot or fire anymore, and you can choose a colored, coated or paint-ready version. The catch: choose your siding installer wisely because the job can be tricky and flawed if it isn't done by professionals.

Replace or reglaze windows

Replacing old leaky windows with modern low-e, two pane, insulated ones will make your climatization more efficient while improving both the interiors and outdoor appearance of your house.


There are lots of window options to choose from to match your actual design or renovate it completely, but if your frames are in a good shape, you can get away just with a change of caulk and a reglaze or retrofit.

Minor kitchen remodel

A huge selling point in any house is a new, modern, upgraded kitchen but if your kitchen is outdated, you can give it a facelift with projects smaller than a complete remodel.

A cabinet refacing with new flooring can save you up to half of the money and the time of a remodel, avoiding the cost of labour and materials of changing the plumbing or electrical installation. Depending on the finishings chosen and the contractor schedule, you can have a modern kitchen within a few days with a small investment.

Attic and basement conversion

Some home improvements just need a paint job, coating and decoration like an attic or basement conversion. You can repurpose your attic into an extra bedroom or your basement into a playroom or a gym, increasing the living space of your house. In some cases -when the basic space is in good shape- you can make it a DIY project and getting the most return in boosting your home’s value with it.


Wood deck

Another option to expand your living space is with a wooden deck outside. A fashionable terrasse can give you an extra space at a fraction of the price of an addition, and you can complement it with a trendy outdoor kitchen or barbecue to raise your house value to the next level.

Definitely not a DIY project because you need to make sure that this addition won’t damage the existing building, and materials are installed and treated to resist the elements of an exterior setting.

As you can see, there are some home improvements that can cause a huge impact on the resale value of your house, so you just have to look for the critical areas, set your desired budget and put your money to work in your next remodel.

Posted February 15, 2016
by Gabriel Posternak.


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