6 home essentials you need in your new home

Posted March 30, 2016 by Gabriel Posternak

Nobody can tell you how your dream home should be - but perhaps a little guidance can help you. See, dreaming about your future home can be amazing but also a dangerouis path that can get you stuck in the details and lose sight of what's important. Before the paint colors and the drapes, the appliances and the lights, there are more important decisions you should take - like defining your home's layout. You can decide on whatever you want but there are essentials you'll need. They are essentials for a reason! Let's take a look at 6 of them.

Grow the storage spaces

The new trend in home design and decor is clean and decluttered spaces, so you need to keep stuff stored out of sight. You can fix some lack of closet space with armoires and dressers in the bedroom, but finding place to store towels and toiletries in the bathroom or food and tableware in the kitchen might be a challenge. Remember to add enough storage space with kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanities when building or remodeling.

Install enough power outlets

Nowadays, we use a lot of things that must be plugged in or charged and the installation of enough power outlets is almost always forgotten. Think about the maximum devices you need to power in each room and ask your electrician to install them in the correct places.

Remember to take care of all the devices that need charging like phones, tablets and computers in every room, cordless phones for landline, spa equipment in the bathroom, small countertop appliances in the kitchen and multiple power outlets for tv/music/console/decoder/internet in the common areas. Also, consider asking for some extra wiring if you plan to install surveillance cameras or sensors.

Think of energy efficiency

Building a new home or remodeling your current one is the perfect moment to change old equipments for their new energy efficient version, and recover some of the investment in the long run. You will experience up to 20 percent savings in the utility bills if you change to Energy StarTM light bulbs and appliances, and more if upgrade your insulation and HVAC too. If you are remodelling your bathroom or kitchen, you can choose low-flow water fixtures to reduce the energy needed to transport and heating it.


Increase the living area

By building an addition or by repurposing an unused space, you can have that extra room you need. An attic can become a cozy spare bedroom or an office, and a basement can become a wine cellar, a laundry room or a gym. But, if you had moved already knowing that you will need more space, you should just build an addition with a contractor.

Keep in mind the garage's importance

The garage use to be a simple construction to protect the car at first, but it became a working and storage space over time. A sensible upgrade must consider heavy duty flooring, electrical installation for power tools and insulation and windows, to make it a comfortable room. If you are not the handyperson the alternatives for a well constructed garage are endless anyway!

Put the final touch with hardscape and landscape

As soon as the interiors are set, you will begin to notice opportunities in your garden and outdoor spaceDuring winter you can start planning the hardscaping, adding a patio or a deck or even an outdoor kitchen to keep up with the current trends in design. And a solid driveway and paths will keep away more dust and dirt, so it something you may want to consider doing too.


When the weather gets warmer, is time to think about the garden and landscaping, planting trees and bushes and sowing grass seeds.

These 6 projects can be adjusted to your available budget or time, but they are things you will surely face as time passes in your new home. Start planning and saving right away so you can have each one of them soon.

Posted March 30, 2016
by Gabriel Posternak.


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