6 Really Little Remodeling Touches That Stand Out

Posted November 08, 2016 by Gabriel Posternak

If you’ve been dreaming about doing some home remodeling, but don’t have all your funds in order yet, don’t despair. You can do some minor remodels that don’t involve the same remodeling costs as an entire overhaul.

You can still use the services of a licensed contractor or remodeling company and begin with some minor touches that will really make a big difference. Not every remodeling project has to be the type where you rip off the roof and knock down the walls.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

While it might sound too easy and too simple, a fresh coat of paint throughout your entire house will really work wonders. It will be the highlight of your new remodeling project. People might even ask if you moved walls or did a big project because it now looks as though it’s brighter and more open.

Details on the front entry

The smallest of details can make the biggest of differences. Tasks like sanding or painting your bench, painting the porch, or adding new hardware to the front door, all make a huge difference.

If you’ve ever watched one of those television shows where a realtor comes to spruce up the place, one of the biggest things they take on is creating more curb appeal. Plants and shrubs added to your landscape can also make a big impact when it comes to curb appeal.

A Quick Fix Kitchen

You don’t have to spend a fortune or gut your kitchen. Simply painting the cabinets or resurfacing them may suffice. In addition, you can put up some wainscoting . You may also want to add new blinds or window treatments to give the appearance of a brand new kitchen.


The Little Touches

It’s all in the details. You can change doorknobs, add crown moldings, and change lighting fixtures throughout the entire house to give it the look you love. You can go according to your style, for example if it’s Victorian or you can choose an eclectic mix of different styles. These small touches really add up once you do them throughout your entire house.

Cheaply Renewing Patios and Decks

You can add a very inexpensive fire pit outdoors with a simple array of stacked circular bricks. You can repaint or power-wash your existing patio and deck. Add box planters throughout will spruce up the space to make it look brand new. Paint your patio and deck to give it a splash of color and add new life.

Chair Rail

Adding chair rail throughout your living room, family room and continuing down any hallways to the bedroom will give it an elegant touch and will give more character to your house. You can paint the chair rail and choose any style you wish.

These are six quick fixer upper tips to make your home stand out without spending much and that you can even finish in a day or two. You don't have to wait for a big remodel to live in a beautiful house - use these tips and you'll be living in one in no time!

Posted November 08, 2016
by Gabriel Posternak.


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