6 ways to maximize the space in your small bedroom

Posted December 04, 2015 by Gabriel Posternak

Is your bedroom too small? Do you have a small room that you want to reconvert in a guest-room or a bedroom for the kids but don't have enough money to make it bigger? Don't worry! No room is too small if you know the secrets to maximize your space. Follow these 6 ways to do so and take advantage of all your small bedroom has to offer!

1 - Use bright colors and add a focal point with decoration

As everybody knows, bright colors give the illusion of wider spaces, so avoid dark walls and furniture that absorb the light and create focal points with colorful pillows or pieces of decoration.


2 - Install large mirrors

A small bedroom can look huge by using large mirrors over the walls. You can also apply large mirror panels over the doors of your closet or choose a mirrored one at the moment of purchasing the furniture for your new bedroom.


3 - Enlarge windows and tear down walls

Larger windows can give you a wider space feeling. Enlarge the existing windows or -much better- make them French to integrate the bedroom with some other room or space when there is no need for privacy.

photo-1424847262089-18a6858bd7e2 (1)

4 - Draw vertical lines with textiles and wallpapers

Choose ceiling to floor curtains and wallpaper with a vertical design. Put the lightning fixtures close to the ceiling to better illuminate the whole space and enhance the effect.


Photo credit: Favaro JR. / Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-SA

5 - Create floor space

For double height ceilings or small spaces in attics a mezzanine bed is the best option to double the floor space and keep a small bedroom tidier and bigger. It can be made of the materials that best suits the style of the house.


6 - Optimize storage space

Save the most space using the area over the headboard for lights and books, purchase a storage bench for shoes and under-the-bed boxes for clothing for other seasons.


Do you know any other trick to maximize the space of a small room? Have you tried any of these options and want to share? I will be happy to read it in the comments below :)

Posted December 04, 2015
by Gabriel Posternak.


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