7 incredible ways to save on your home remodel

Posted July 29, 2015 by Gabriel Posternak

Reducing your budget to ashes is one of the easiest things to do when home remodeling. There are so many decisions that can go wrong! And some might, no matter what you do. But with some smart planning you can reduce them to a minimum and keep within your budget – or not too far away. That’s because there are as many ways to save on home remodeling as they are to go wrong.

Fortunately, you don’t have to try to figure out which thing works and which doesn’t – you can benefit from Treeium’s experience! Here are 7 great ways in which you can save when home remodeling without cheaping out.

1 – It’s efficiency, baby

You might feel like a bigger house is a better home, but that’s not always the case. Minimalism is a great way to live, as long as you know how to do it. In terms of home remodeling, that means that you won’t have to go big to be great. How can you do that? By increasing the efficiency in every room. Reorganizing furniture, using pullouts and dividers and maximizing whatever space you already have can save you thousands – and even an addition you thought you needed, but definitely don’t.

2 – More natural light, same amount of windows

One of the most popular suggestions you’ll read in home remodeling blogs is make the most out of natural light. It makes sense – with well-positioned windows, you can reduce how much artificial light you need. That’s why so many people try to install new windows when remodeling a room. But sometimes that’s simply not possible given your budget. The solution? Don’t install them. Think of light tubes between roof rafters and funnels to let the sunshine into your darkest rooms. They are cheaper and look amazing!

3 – Think used

If you’re a bit of a handyman, then you can save a lot if you consider used fixtures and building materials. Salvaged materials can save you up to 50% of what you might spend on new ones and they’ll work as fine. Of course, you’ll have to stay picky to ensure you’re getting quality items. But that shouldn’t worry you, though – there are great places out there that offer what you need at unbelievable prices.

4 – Your contractor is your friend –and his friends...

Are your friends, naturally. Your contractor can put you in touch with his own material sources and save you tons of money. In fact, many job sites might have some materials waiting to go into the trash which can work perfectly for you. Of course, you wouldn’t have access to them – unless your contractor makes a few phone calls. Just ask him if he can lend you a hand – he might give you a great surprise!

5 – Be wary of extra plumbing

Plumbing is one of the priciest things you’ll come across when home remodeling. That’s why many experts suggest you shouldn’t move the kitchen sink or the toilet if you can avoid it. By doing so, you’ll keep your budget in check. If you definitely must move either of them, consider paying extra to replace the old pipes at the same time. It will cost you, sure, but you’ll have extended your plumbing’s lifespan. In the long run, that will count as a saving, trust us.

6 – Demolishing before remodeling

We know, you wanted a remodel, not building from scratch. But sometimes tearing it all up it’s the best way to save, believe it or not. This is especially true on major remodels. Sometimes the foundations have to be-rebuilt, whole walls have to be refurbished or other things adjusted to fit your city’s codes. This can end up costing you a little fortune – and we’re talking about a remodel! In those scenarios, it’s probably best to demolish the whole thing and start from scratch. You might end up paying the same as if you had remodeled the room but starting from zero gives you the chance to maximize your comfort and efficiency, something you’d have never gotten with a remodel.

7 – Decide first, act later

This is probably the tip that will save you the most. You know what “smart planning” really is? Planning with time. You have to know what you want before the contractors come to remodel your home. You have to learn about design, prices, permits and all you need to reduce the decisions you have to make on the act to a minimum. That way, you’ll get the improvisation out of the way and you’ll be in almost complete control of how much you spend. So, be sure to decide all you need about your remodel and then talk to your contractor.

Planning is key for a perfect home remodeling. Keep that in mind next time you consider doing so at home and act accordingly. You’ll save thousands and will have a smoother, less traumatic experience if you do!

Posted July 29, 2015
by Gabriel Posternak.


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