7 ways to renovate your home for free

Posted March 01, 2016 by Gabriel Posternak

Tired of your home spaces but you empty wallet is keeping you from remodeling it all? It doesn’t matter! You will be amazed with the renovations you can get with nothing more than time and some work. You can breathe some new air in your home for free by following these tips!

1 - Organize the refrigerator door

A kitchen remodel is a very costly project but you can do a lot by tidying the first thing you see when you set foot in it: the refrigerator.

Remove all notes and magnets, discard the worn out ones and wash the others. Give the door a thorough clean with detergent and remove the glue stains with lighter fluid and a cloth. Now put back the magnets you use more often in a visible spot. Your kids’ drawings will be better framed, so don’t stick them back to the door to be ruined.

2 - Rearrange your plants

Swap your indoor plants from different corners and rooms. Check if some of them need a new planter or some compost added. In a few days you will see how they adapt and improve at their new location. Want to expand the family? Ask your friends and relatives for their neglected ones and adopt their plants to fill more spaces. You can have your own paradise, even in an apartment, without adding a garden.


3 - Clean lamp shades and fixtures

Carefully remove and clean both outside and inside your lamp shades. Also, clean and polish the fixtures and check the integrity of cords and plugs.

Use water and soap only for plastic or glass ones and let them dry completely before put them back. For the ones made of fabric, paper, straw or twine a soft brush will suffice. Be careful with that because you don’t want to end calling an electrician to fix the wiring.

4 - Organize your closet and bathroom storage

In the bedroom, follow the 10 steps for declutter and arrange the pieces of clothing you use more often in the most reachable part of your closet. Clean the linen wardrobe and rotate the top ones with the bottom ones to use all of them evenly. A more neat room with lots of new storage space will feel instantly like a major remodel.

In the bathroom cabinet, get rid of old medicines, toiletries and makeup and disinfect shelves and drawers to prevent mold and eliminate bacteria.


5 - Reorganize artwork and create new ones

The free way of having new artwork is place it under a new light, perspective and company so let’s renovate with just some swapping. Hung the pictures on different walls or rooms and play with height and placement.

If one of the big walls ended too empty you can create new artwork just hanging a small area rug, a colorful beach mat or fabric or creating a gallery wall with old photos or posters you already have -or can steal from your parents' basement.

6 - Reorganize your bookshelf

Rearranging your books will both renovate your space and spice up your mind. Try some non-conventional setting like sorting by color or thickness, use small toys or figurines as dividers and put some of them horizontally to create lines.

7 - Clean windows, shades and blinds

There is a fact: windows get very dirty before anyone begin to notice. Let’s bring a new light to your home by cleaning the window panes and the shades or blinds that cover them. There are new cleaning products that keep the glass cleaner for longer periods and repel dust, fog and water residues. If you feel joyful, you can add some gel clings that tint the passing light in a funny way and are very, very cheap.washing-windows-394158_1280

Finally, wash the shades and clean the blinds according to the recommendation of manufacturer.

These 7 projects are completely DIY and perfect as weekend plans that you can share with the rest of the family or roommate. You can renovate your home for free with some imagination and work and revive your nest in your own personal way.

Posted March 01, 2016
by Gabriel Posternak.


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