9 tasks to prepare your home for autumn

Posted September 05, 2016 by Gabriel Posternak

Labor Day has come and gone, and we all know what that means – summer is coming to an end! Yes, we’ll also miss the sunny days by the pool and long binge-watching nights but there’s no time to get nostalgic: it’s time to prepare for the fall. In other words, the moment has come to roll up your sleeves, get out your toolbox and start working in your home.

Fortunately, here’s a little help for you – Treeium’s Fall checklist with all the tasks you have to do in the coming weeks!

Clean the gutters

There were some seriously rainy days last summer so checking on your gutters is a must. Look for clogs and rust, and clean and repair accordingly. Extra tip – remember to cover the gutters with mesh guards to prevent them from clogging with the fall leaves.

Inspect your roof

The same storms that could have compromised your gutters, could have done the same to your roof. It’s pretty normal to find loose shingles, cracks and any sign of damage around vents and chimneys. Also, check around the wires holding your antennas in place, as they could be loose and in need of maintenance.

Weatherize where you need it

They are very tiny and perhaps you’ve never noticed them, but air leaks around your windows and  doors are costing you some considerable cash (up to 10% of your heating bills!). Sealing them is the shortcut you have to take to a more comfortable home and to lower energy bills.


Protect your outside faucets and inground pipes

Living in a region where weather gets freezing cold during autumn and winter could lead to frozen pipes and burst all over the place. That’s a pricey problem you’d have to solve during the coldest days, so you’d better protect your faucets and pipes with styrofoam or just shut them off to drain the line.

Check your patio

From damaged walkways to rotten tree branches, there are several thinks you should be inspecting before the cold hits your home. Cracks, loose railings, asphalt disintegration, big branches over wires, and rotting plants are some of the things you should be looking for.

Call a pro to inspect your heating system

You certainly don’t want your heating system from breaking down during a freezing day (and you’d definitely hate yourself for not having it checked). So, now’s the time to call a heating professional to give your system a thorough look (you’ll have the added bonus of avoiding the rush everyone gets into at the last minute before the winter begins).


Analyze your gas heater

There are two things to gain when checking your gas heater. The first one – without maintenance, it will cost you more to keep it running. The second (and most important one) – any malfunction will pollute your home’s air, turning your heater into a poison blower. A quick checkup won’t cost you that much – and will save you from a lot of trouble.

Turn safety up a notch

You can do this any time of the year, so why don’t do it now? There are several things around your home that need to be periodically checked – things like your smoke and CO detectors batteries, your fire extinguisher’s charge, and your electrical switches could certainly need some inspection.

Clean the entire home

Store the furniture you won’t need,  wash and paint your exterior walls, clear around heaters and furnaces, clean your deck – you get the point. You will have to work hard to get everything in order but it will surely be worth it. Besides, you’ll spend some time outside, and there isn’t anything wrong with that!

Of course, you could certainly find other things to do around your home to prepare for autumn. Just be sure to make them on time and, in case you don’t know how to act, call an expert. The bottom line is simple – maintenance is what will keep your home in tiptop shape!

Posted September 05, 2016
by Gabriel Posternak.


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