Here's how you should compare remodeling bids

Posted April 24, 2016 by Gabriel Posternak

You’ll probably spend big bucks in a home remodel or upgrade project, so you need to choose your contractor carefully.

There is more in play than the design and the charms of the project manager, so take care of our recommendations to compare the remodeling bids and invest your money with safety.

How do you feel about the contractor?

We cannot stress enough the importance of choosing the right contractor to work out your project. There are some key features to consider that we already cover in the post “The 8 questions you need to interview your home remodeler” that you should recheck with all the bids at hand.

Check the reviews and don’t let any problematic trait slip away. You will spend some time around them and you will share your home privacy to allow a troublesome moment.

There are persons behind the numbers -from the project manager to the last occasional worker-, and they are the ones you have to deal with, for all the time the work last.


You have to actually “live” with your decision

A home remodel is not a product. You can craiglist, a game console or a furniture that does not fill your expectations -and recover some of the investment-, but you cannot get rid of a defective bathroom without putting even more money on top. Look past the design and make sure the materials are high quality and that they have the craftsmanship needed to that particular improvement you want.

You also need to consider that there are not 2 identical projects. You must thoroughly review each remodeling contractor’s proposal to get an understanding of what they are presenting a bid for. And pay special attention if something about it seems “too standardized”. There is a fine line that divides accept a professional suggestion from settle for whatever the contractor propose ;)

If a contractor is vague about your questions and concerns, or refuses to review the project, you’d better choose another one.

The infamous cost vs value

That is not so straight when coming to home improvement. You might get the lowest cost from the most valued contractor. Biggest companies happen to have the best price arrangements on materials and hourly rates on workers, plus delivering a high value craft.

On the other hand, a smaller and cheaper contractor -that seems more personal and cozy- might fail is calculations, ending in a more pricey project in the end.

So, the best recommendation being that, within your budget, choose the proposal that most clearly shows exactly what you are paying for. Only consider value. Yes, just value.


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Posted April 24, 2016
by Gabriel Posternak.


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