Here's the checklist you have to complete before your remodel starts

Posted December 08, 2015 by Gabriel Posternak

A remodel is something that alters the normal routines of the whole family and is more or less chaotic, but if you plan before the project starts you can adapt better to the situation. There are tons of unexpected things that could happen during a home improvement and you can't actually foresee them all. But if you contemplate the most common ones right off the bat, you'll have a nicer experience. 

That's why we've prepared a checklist to help you get organized before your remodeling contractor arrives to your place - and starts tearing it down!

1 - Separate the essentials and store the rest

Go room by room and take the things you use the most and pack the rest in boxes, even in spaces you won’t remodel to keep things out of dust and dirt. That goes from kitchenware to clothing and decoration. If the remodel is extensive you might hire U-Haul storage for your boxes.

2 - Get rolling storage boxes to replace cabinets and drawers

You will be moving the essentials you pick from room to room a lot so consider purchasing storage carts on casters. There are translucent plastic models that allow you to see what’s inside for quick identification or you can even create a color-code for different stuff. You can carry them from space to space as needed and keep everything clean and tidy.

3 - Upgrade your security systems

With different people coming and going during working hours your home become an easy target to theft. You might upgrade your security systems to active/deactive by zone and install CCTV with remote access to monitor both your own stuff and the workers tools. In any case, you might consider moving all your valuables to a safer location until the remodel is finished.

4 - Think about privacy

Getting up from bed and go to the kitchen to have a coffee in your underwear will be something inappropriate with strangers in the house so you have to plan in advance. Think about putting some folding screens to divide your private areas from the rest of the house. If you work from home, set some isolated space so you will be less disturbed with movement and noises.

5 - Set a command center far from the construction

Keep a table or a desk far from the remodel to concentrate all the stuff that is usually carelessly disseminated throughout the house like keys, phones, chargers and accessories and encourage all members of the family to keep things there for easy access. Train this some days before the work starts.

6 - Think about kids

Construction zones are very dangerous for children even for the not so small ones. Install temporary gates at every entrance to the site and alert the workers to keep an eye on them. You should not leave the children unattended during working hours, so think about a nanny or daycare for these days if you won’t be able to pay close attention to them.

7 - Talk with neighbours and close relatives

Give your neighbours, family and close friends a heads up about your remodeling. You might lean on them during this period for things calculated or unexpected like taking a bath, borrow stuff, stay over a night, take care of kids or pets, or just moral support and a cup of coffee. You should also alert your neighbours that their peace and quiet might be altered somehow and make them allies to keep an eye on your house for security reasons.

8 - Pet safety

A remodel can be a very stressful situation for pets. You should consider take them to some friend’s or relative’s that can host them or simply board them in a kennel for the period.

9 - Plan a getaway

And then, a house remodel can be stressful for humans too! Set aside some money from the budget to plan a short getaway. It doesn’t need to be fancy, just a weekend in a clean quiet hotel room may do the trick.

10 - Let the party begin!

Have you completed this checklist already? Is there any trick you would like to share with us? Leave it in the comments and happy remodel!

Posted December 08, 2015
by Gabriel Posternak.


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