How Salvaged Materials Can Shine In Your Eco-Home Design

Posted November 03, 2016 by Gabriel Posternak

Have you seen a TV show where people refurbish, repurpose, and reuse items for their home? They get creative, use salvage or unwanted items, and turn them into a treasure for their home.

You don’t have to own your own television series in order to duplicate some of those eco-friendly home design creations. You can use salvaged materials in your own home design. Whether or not you understand yet how vital it is to consider using salvaged materials in your home design or you simply want to create something new from something old, here are a few tips.

Eco-Friendly House Designs

One of the most readily available and easier to find recycled materials for home designs these days is recycled glass. Thankfully, another benefit, recycled glass is the latest trend. Homeowners are using recycled glass for backsplashes in kitchens and for full walls in shower stalls. Additionally, recycled glass is being used for trim and border work in both rooms.

Many homeowners are not afraid of visiting antique stores, yard sales, and even stores that specialize in selling refurbished materials to find the exact piece of material they are seeking. A great way to utilize glass in the home is to find old stained glass windows and finding a space and a place for them in your home.

Stone Counter Tops

You can visit a “re” store that sells materials from demolitions and contracting project surplus. These materials are donated by homeowners and contractors too. One of the materials you can recover from these stores is stone. Stone counter tops can be cut to size.

If you find a piece of stone larger than you need, you are in luck because you can have a stonecutter re-size the piece and repurpose it. If you have a small bathroom and need to upgrade, you can cut a piece of stone to create a small sink. This is just one more way to utilize refurbished and salvaged materials in your green building design.

Miscellaneous Materials

Of course, you can use refurbished doors, wood trim, glass and stone just to name a few in your home for obvious projects and needs. However, you can find miscellaneous items such as wrought iron railings, random shelving, and mirrors. You can even find salvaged mantelpieces.

If you’re looking for more creative options, you can take one of those mirrors and cover it with a sectioned off piece of wrought iron for a decorative stylish mirror for your hallway or entryway.

When it comes to refurbished or salvaged materials, the possibilities are only as endless as your imagination.

Posted November 03, 2016
by Gabriel Posternak.


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