How to Reduce the Carbon Footprint of Your Car

Posted October 21, 2014 by Gabriel Posternak

So, you may have already begun or even successfully completed your going green energy efficient home projects. You may have also already incorporated green living into your office environment, as well. However, there are other ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

If you are moving in a forward direction with your home and office when it comes to green living, why not consider ways to reduce the carbon footprint of your car, as well. While you may not have heard of it, there is such a thing as sustainable driving.

By now, you have probably incorporated green living somewhere in your life, even if it is only through recycling one time per week. The simple act of putting that garbage pail to the curb means that you are doing your part in keeping the world a greener place.

It does not matter if you are just starting out or are confused about where to go, you will make a difference, especially if you take on ways to reduce the carbon footprint of your car.

Here are a few ways to do just that and if you like what you read, feel free to join us in our many social circles and leave a comment for feedback. We would love to hear from you.

Maintain Your Car

When you maintain your car, of course, you extend the life of your car and its ability to provide transportation for you and your family. However, there is more to maintaining your car than just that. When you maintain your car, you lower your carbon footprint. There are several ways to do just that:

  • Replace all filters, such as oil, air, and fuel filters.
  • Get regularly scheduled checkups for your vehicle.
  • Keep an eye on the air in your tires as well

Check Your Tires

It is very important to check the air in your tires, as well. If you do not have the right amount, this will impact how much fuel you are using. The more fuel you use, the higher your carbon footprint will be, as well.

Keep it Light

The more baggage and storage you leave in your car, the heavier your car will be and therefore the more weight you will put on your tires. Just like when you get ill and you feel sluggish, your car will run sluggish as well. This in turn will cause your vehicle to draw upon more fuel. Again, more fuel consumed by your vehicle, the higher the carbon footprint.

Pay Attention to How You Drive

Pay attention to how you drive. For example, do not accelerate out of the blue and avoid stopping and starting too frequently. Also, do not go over the speed limit. Better yet, maintain a steady speed when driving.

Of course, if you are in the market for a new car, make certain to seek out a fuel efficient vehicle.

So, there you have it. You can lower your carbon footprint even while driving.

Posted October 21, 2014
by Gabriel Posternak.


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