Integrating Nature with Green Walls

Posted April 24, 2014 by Gabriel Posternak

While the term “going green” has been around for quite some time, integrating “green walls” into a home, or building is a bit newer. Having green walls certainly does not mean painting the walls of your home or office building different shades of green. It means incorporating vegetation into the architecture of a particular wall area.

Many building owners and corporations are making a statement about who they are and what they stand for by integrating nature with green walls into their establishments. Integrating nature with green walls makes a statement that this particular business owner values you as a customer and is concerned with the things that you and your family are concerned about at this time.

The warming of the globe is not just an issue for a few individuals, but for everyone, everywhere on the planet. Having said that, integrating nature with green walls is a great choice for everyone involved, as there are many benefits.

Integrating nature with green walls may make for improvements on many levels. A green wall makes for a peaceful, enchanting entranceway, can create an aura of being down-to-earth, and shows innovation. Walking into a building that has a green wall sets it apart and makes it memorable.

A green wall also has a few health benefits built in, as well. Vegetation has the capability to act as an air-filtration system. A green wall can provide for heat reduction and promote energy efficiency throughout the building, too.

One of the nicest benefits of a green wall is that it offers versatility. A green wall can consist of perennials or even native plants as well as plants that thrive better in drier conditions. Having a variety also means that you have many decorative options if you are choosing a green wall for your home or office building. Various vines, grasses, plants, and ferns are available from which to choose your design.

Some of these plants come in a “pre-fabricated” manner, as they are placed strategically on panels and placed on frames afterward. Could you imagine having a home that is filled with tropical plants? It might be like walking into paradise every day. Add a little waterfall action somewhere in the background (even if it is one of those table top types) and you have the makings of a vacation retreat right in your very own home.

Imagine walking into your home or workplace and seeing all the glory that is nature surrounding you at all times. Even if you are harried and stressed, you can always take a moment to surrender to all that is soothing about nature by integrating nature with green walls.

Posted April 24, 2014
by Gabriel Posternak.


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