Outdoor Summer Living the Treeium Way

Posted June 24, 2018 by Treeium Inc.

With the warmer weather of summer officially in session, you might be finding yourself spending more time outside – perhaps noticing some parts of your home’s exterior that could use a little rejuvenation. Whether it is something you have been meaning to get around to for a while now or have only just started to consider, there are many advantages to starting a home remodeling project in the summer. It’s the most popular time of the year as the days are long and warm, making it a wonderful time to work on your home without any hassles and delays that usually other elements like rain brings. Though hot and humid, there tends to be less adverse weather in the summer months. This removes certain complications that could come with winter construction projects, such as dealing with cold weather and materials that expand due to shifts in temperature and sunlight exposure. Together with Treeium, let’s take a look how we can help take your outdoor living projects and make this into the coolest summer yet.

The patio is usually the first stop for outdoor updates. There are several ways to include your personal style in this space. A new shade cover can provide a functional update that lasts for years to come. Your patio furniture takes a beating from the wind, rain and sun, so having an adequate cover will protect it from harsh winter weather as well as create a comfortable space to relax during the summer. A patio cover upgrades a space for you and your loved ones just in time for the summer festivities spent with family and friends.

Being that time of the year for cookouts, BBQ’s and other outdoor entertainment this is a great time to get your home summertime ready. At times outdoor parties can become tedious with all the running back and forth, inside and out with serving dishes and food, so Treeium has the solution: an outdoor kitchen. From outdoor kitchen storage to seating, sinks and even lighting, know that Treeium can help take an ordinary space and make it something extraordinary. Outdoor kitchens allow us to navigate through our backyards while entertaining guests without all the fuss, avoiding the running back and forth from indoor stove to outdoor guests.

Speaking of being able to navigate through our yards in a manner that is safe while still maintaining a touch of style, this summer let Treeium help with your next paving project. Pavers are the true building blocks of landscape design. Placed piece-by-piece into driveways, patios, and pathways, these elements add beauty and function to a home's exterior. And they require far less upkeep than a lawn or garden. Summer is the perfect time to implement a paving project. The ground in most parts of the country will be thawed, and since it's the beginning of the season, returning grasses and plants won't get trampled while you work. We pride ourselves on being mindful of the earth in all of our projects while still providing a cost efficient, state of the art product to the satisfaction of all our clients. Give us a call today and let Treeium help jumpstart your outdoor summer renovation projects and make this the coolest summer yet!

Posted June 24, 2018
by Treeium Inc..


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