The Top 10 Green Apps (Part 1)

Posted September 25, 2014 by Gabriel Posternak

If you are alive and breathing then you probably know a little something about the going green movement, energy efficiency, and carbon footprints. At the very least you should also know about recycle and reuse. Having said that, is there a way to continue onward and upward with the green movement.

Of course there is. Technology is the answer. With technology at the forefront of everything we do nowadays, why should the iPhone be left out these days. Since there is an app for just about everything from making lists to saving money, we might as well take a look at green apps as well. With technology all the rage these days, why not look into a couple of worthwhile eco-friendly apps.

10. Green Charging from iTunes – This app makes a lot of sense. It will send a vibrating signal to your phone to notify you that your phone is fully charged. This, of course, will save energy. How many times have you found you forgot to unplug your phone.

9. Green Me iTunes – Green Me is awesome in that it is kind of a gentle reminder of what have you done for me lately in the green movement. It will also indicate how much time for talking you have left.

8. Get Green iTunes – this is a little different app as it keeps going green tips relevant to the season you are currently in, making these tips more applicable in the now.

7. Find Green iTunes – This handy little app will send you in the direction of the nearest green business such as food, health, and wellness. This comes in handy because it also let’s you know helpful things such as distance according to different types of transportation.

6. Green Gas Saver – How fortunate to have an app like this. It will alert you if you have made a turn too sharply or if you accelerate too rapidly. This is a great app to keep you on your driving toes.

5. Green Outlet iTunes – Plug in the appliances and electronics you use daily and how many hours you use them and this handy little app will tell you how much energy you are consuming.

4. Carbon Tracker iTunes – This particular app lets you know what your carbon footprint is based on your travel times and destinations. It will also show you the difference between cars, planes, and trains.

3. GoodGuide – Now, here’s an ingenious little app. This one shows you how sustainable a product is by allowing you to scan it for carbon footprint so you can decide if you want to purchase it or not.

2. Green Genie – This app has many features. It allows you to look into one hundred projects to make life a little greener and also allows you to find sites and organizations to go even greener.

1. Pollution Free – Want to check out how clean the air you are breathing right now is? Then use this helpful app to get the done job. It allows you to enter your location and area and find out how much radiation, air, and water pollution exists in those areas.

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Posted September 25, 2014
by Gabriel Posternak.


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