Top 10 Eco-Friendly Board Games: Part 1

Posted November 27, 2014 by Gabriel Posternak

Wouldn’t it be great if your children could learn at the same time they are playing? While many schools have curriculum put into place where learning is fun, especially for the younger set, sometimes keeping learning fun and creative at home can be a challenge.

Of course, there are plenty of video games and computer games that teach the basics such as math and spelling while applying the concept of fun. There is also something to be said about eco-friendly board games, as well.

Green games are a great way to introduce the topic of going green and being eco-friendly to your children, as well.

Just about everyone is familiar with the Monopoly brand trademark board game. In it, you learn how to buy and sell real estate, get out of jail free, passing go and collecting some cool cash. Well, based on that old standby game, other new games are arising.

  • Garden-Opoly – In this version of the old standby, players can purchase their own garden items while collecting clay pots, which are valuable in this version of the old traditional game. However, sometimes there is a bit of trouble you can run into such as some pesky aphids, or troublesome dandelions. Perhaps a promotion to garden club president may be in order.
  • Farm-Opoly – In order to be successful at this game, you need to collect as many acres as you can in order to get to the big prize – a collection of big red barns. This game also has twists and turns, but throws in fun facts along the way.
  • Ocean-Opoly – Of course, this one is a favorite among children and adults alike because you get to collect your favorite sea friends while aiming high to get as many big fish as you can. More fun facts along the way with this eco-friendly board game.

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Board games are a fun option for children and the whole family

  • Harvest Time – Plant a garden, roll the dice and get ready to harvest away. If you are successful, you will harvest the gardens before the cold of winter comes to visit. The great thing about this game is that it is based on helping one another achieve the goals for the greater good.
  • The Wild Seed – This game is fun and educational in that it reminds children how nature works, especially when it comes to seeding. There are special needs such as enough light and nourishment for plants, but also the perils of growing plants from seed.
  • A Beautiful Place – Combining eco-friendliness and cooperation is a wonderful basis for this game. Children learn to play together in order to return the earth to its natural state of beauty.
  • Gathering a Garden – In this board game, you get to visit some lovely places in order to get your flowers and vegetables for your favorite garden. In pursuit of herbs, trees, vegetables, flowers, and even a friendly bird, your garden is complete and the first one home is the winner.
  • Word Chase – Eco-Friendly Board Game – The goal for this game is to get your top 25 words in order to be the first one to return home. This board game is eco-friendly because it uses soy-based ink, phthalate-free laminate, and water based varnish and, of course recycled paper.
  • Xeko – This board game aims to help Mother Nature get back to basics and improve her ecosystem. You can choose one of four places to start your journey, such as Cost Rica or China.
  • EcoRanch – This game strategically gets players to give back to the environment and gets them thinking about sustainability. It also fosters cooperation rather than competition.

Why not try one or all of these games and leave us a comment on what your family thought?

Posted November 27, 2014
by Gabriel Posternak.


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