When is the perfect time to remodel?

Posted January 28, 2016 by Gabriel Posternak

You will find tons of articles telling you the advantages of starting a remodel in a certain time of the year but the truth is most of them oversee your own needs and timing.  It's possible to determine the perfect time, then? Of course it is, but there are lots of things to consider when planning a remodel, so we are going to help you take the best decision.

Now or never

There is no better moment to start a new project than when you feel the fire burning inside you. You research designs and contractors, make a budget, look for financing and spend countless hours browsing Pinterest :D You know that all this enthusiasm will fade away and some months from now you will be broke anyway and regret not having the remodel done already. At the peak of your motivation you will research harder to find the best deals in materials and financing, so don’t let a season delay your projects!


You can sit with your contractor any time of the year and make a schedule that let you grab the best deals on materials, apply for the tax credit or incentives or even financing your energy upgrade projects.

A project for every season

Most people think that summer and spring times are the best to remodel, but they are also the worst times to find a good contractor with an open schedule or good deals in materials. While the nice weather might make things easier at first, it can complicate the schedule if there is a delay on different jobs that overlap to the same contractor.

If you are planning a remodel in the warmer seasons make sure you hire a contractor or a company with enough manpower and resources and ask them about those contingencies before hire them.


On the other hand, there are lots of projects that ask for colder seasons, like repairing the air conditioning system, the pool or some old electrical wiring. You can use that time of the year -even with adverse weather conditions to work outside- to buy materials in advance and store them for a future remodel.

There is no way to cover in just one article the numerous projects for every month of the year, but remember that there is a lot of work to do before the actual work starts, so it is a good idea to start planning a couple of months before everyone else will be calling for the same project to secure your spot on the right contractor’s calendar.

Make the best of your tax refund

A house remodel is always a good investment, so what about take advantage of your tax money? With this money fresh in your account you can start a remodel that will add to the resale value of your house, like a kitchen or a bath remodel. If you want an upgrade to sell at a better value, check the information of the Cost vs Value Report and start your project right away!

There is no unique answer to this question so the perfect time to remodel is right when you want it to be.

Posted January 28, 2016
by Gabriel Posternak.


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