Debby Newman’s Remodeling Experience

Debby Newman’s kitchen and living room were stripped bare during a mold remediation. But with the help of a visionary contracting company, she got more than just a remodel: She got her dream space.
When Guy Borenstein from Treeium came in – and I think he had an assistant — I just had a good gut feeling.
Debby Newman’s a Kitchen and
Living Room makeover
Few things make Debby happier than serving up freshly prepared meals to friends and family. But after a leak left her kitchen and living room ravaged by mold, entertaining — and even cooking for her own family — was out of the question. Not knowing what to do, Debby turned to Treeium to help revive her home. (And revive it they did.)

“He didn’t push me; I told him exactly what I wanted and what I needed because I was working with an insurance company. He was extremely patient and he listened.”

When it came to designing her new kitchen and living room, Debby wasn’t sure what she wanted. But she knew what she didn’t want: The beige paint, dark cabinets and closed-in layout of the old kitchen created a gloomy, cramped space that wasn’t ideal for cooking or entertaining. Thankfully, Treeium was there to help.
Guy, my project manager was always there to talk about different ideas and how they would affect my space
“And when I had an idea about what I thought would work, I was able to go to the showroom and look at different options in person.”

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