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Are you a homeowner and tired of paying hundreds of dollars to your local utility company each month? Do you want energy independence and the ability to generate, store, and use your own electricity? A home battery, combined with the power of solar energy provides homeowners with the energy independence they deserve.
Large enough to power your entire home
provides homeowners with energy independence
Solar energy powers and charges your home battery
Long term financial gains
Decreases financial investment during peak time-of-use hours
Ready to love your home?
Tax Credits
Is home energy storage solution eligible for the federal investment tax credit?

Yes! Energy storage solutions are eligible for 26% solar tax credit (formerly the solar investment tax credit). The tax credit was established in an effort to increase the renewable energy market in the United States, from San Diego to San Francisco.

To learn more about the federal investment tax credit, click here.
Reason and Facts
A home battery offers more power and energy independence to homeowners. While solar panels or electricity generated by wind, you’ve probably noticed that the same amount of power is not always generated each day. With a home battery, energy is stored during daylight hours to be used at night when it’s most necessary.
Important Facts
Tesla has three demonstration projects in the works with Southern California Edison – one for homes, one for businesses and one for electric vehicles.
Home batteries are affordable and reduce long-term utility costs
The home battery is thin and designed to be hung on a garage wall, or outside wall. It’s 220 pounds but just 7.1 inches deep.
Home batteries are in high-demand as more people turn to solar and renewable energy to power their homes.
Customer Reviews
Mike T.
Los Angeles, CA
We found Treeium to truly be a company that is on our side. Not only do they provide great product, service and support but they are proactive on rebates and tax credits as well as financing making the process easy, reliable and trusted. From our solar panels to our solar hot water heater and tesla batteries, could not be happier.
Alan R.
Woodland Hills, CA
Great work and coordination by Treeium for the installation of my home solar system. Particular praise is due for project manager Ashley Arndt who patiently nudged the DWP and L.A. Building & Safety bureaucracy forward while preventing me from becoming overly fretful due to the entire process taking nearly three months. The lead installer Eugene and his crack team installed the entire solar panel system and inverter in one day during 100 + degree heat along with Danny who patiently verified the system. The proper installation and verification of a residential solar power system can be a lengthy process almost entirely due to the permitting and inspection requirements in Los Angeles by DWP and Building & Safety. Thank goodness I have a permitted, back-up power generator and didn't have to wait on the Tesla storage batteries that are currently a long lead time nightmare. Treeium is a highly professional and efficient company whom I highly recommend.
Henry T.
Ventura, CA
Very good experience. Their project managers especially were very communicative and helpful with our solar and battery install - I was very happy that they and the install team went the extra mile to ensure I was a happy customer. I definitely recommend them and will call on them for future home renovation projects.
The best solar battery and smart home
energy-storage solution for YOU!